Any media insider knows that when they read an article or review, or watch a TV segment, they’re not getting the whole picture: Something vital was cut; the premise was flawed; quotes were taken out of context; the writer or editor was biased; the list goes on. The point is there’s always a slant–and thus always more to the story.

In an age when opinion-mongering and unsubstantiated claims  have replaced hard-nosed research, reporting and fact-checking–the traditional stalwarts of truth in media–how does a more truthful rendition of the story come out?  Where can the subjects of controversial news items respond to content they feel is biased, one-dimensional or incomplete?

The Slant: There’s Always More to the Story provides a forum for the subjects of high-profile stories to respond to the media coverage on them that they think is partial or limited in some way. In doing so, The Slant offers readers—both industry insiders and anyone interested in media machinations—the invaluable behind-the-scenes stories that didn’t make the final cut, as well as insider views into how the media really works.

Picking up where research and reporting left off, giving famous (and infamous) subjects of media an unfettered platform to speak out, going deep into the media machinery, and extending the life and discussions of the hottest new stories, The Slant shows that there’s always more to the story.